There are nearly 800 million illiterate people in the world. If we could reduce that number by 170 million, the UN  estimates are that we could remove 12% of the world’s poverty. Curious Learning: A Global Literacy Initiative was co-founded by Cynthia Breazeal ( MIT Media Lab), Maryanne Wolf and Stephanie Gottwald  (Tufts  University),  Robin Morris  (Georgia State University), and  Tinsley Galyean ( formerly at MIT), and originally  funded  by Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT Media Lab and One Laptop Per Child. Our goals involve both the development and/or curation of age- and language-appropriate apps for children that correspond to the research on the reading brain,  and also the design and implementation of a global platform capable of bringing together a compendium of digital  educational activities and resources. In so doing, we hope to be   able to reach multiple populations, particularly the disenfranchised children in remote regions of the world. Our ultimate goal is to work with  groups around the globe to  bring literacy to as many children as possible  by the end of the decade and thus  to reduce world poverty in the decades to come.


In January, 2018, a Global Literacy Workshop was held at Stanford at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences on the topic: Global Literacy and Neuroscience. The report to the Chan- Zuckerberg Initiative which funded the Workshop is found here  which includes an embedded transcript  of the meeting and powerpoint presentations by world leaders in global literacy. 




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Global Literacy, the Reading Brain & the Development of Empathy